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JUST CLOSED - 3 Peat...not the 1990–1993 Chicago Bulls🏆

Updated: May 2, 2023

50+ years ago an owner bought two buildings. One on 3307-09 W. Palmer and one on 1925-27 N. Drake. 30+ years ago, he sold those same two buildings to another owner. Triton Realty Group LLC, just completed the trifecta. Sold those same properties to a third buyer. A repeat Triton seller and buyer client. One sale over a decade ago and now 1925-27 N. Drake.

This 20 unit L-shaped building had significant interest due to Triton's full marketing plan. Triton was appointed the listing agent by the Circuit Court of Cook County to sell this Estate asset. We are thankful to our clients, the attorneys and the Court for allowing Triton to bring maximum value to this transaction!

☑️ Successfully Obtained a Significant Sale Price Despite Marketing in the Midst of The Federal Reserve Raising its Benchmark Interest Rate to the Highest Level in 15 years.

☑️ Generated 15+ Tours and Multiple Offers.

☑️ Complied with 755 ILCS 5/20-5 Probate Procedures for the Sale of Real Estate.

Special shout out to Sam Weyers of Buckley Fine, LLC an excellent attorney who was a pleasure to work with. Attorneys utilize Triton as they develop and execute client strategies for real estate matters including estate issues, partnership dissolution, bankruptcy, divorce, litigation or foreclosure, to name a few.

Congrats to all involved in the sale!

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