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🔹JUST CLOSED – Legacy Continued: Doubling the Investment Potential in Humboldt Park

“You just know when it’s time.” After meticulously caring for these properties for almost three decades the owner hired Triton Realty Group LLC’s Luke Wojcik to skillfully represent him. On the other end, Harrison Cohen represented the buyer, who sees the immense potential in these buildings but also aims to honor the seller's legacy by continuing their stewardship. The Triton team is thrilled to have facilitated this two-building portfolio sale in Humboldt Park.

📈 Deal Highlights

✔ 25+ Years of Meticulous Family Stewardship: The impeccable condition of these properties speaks volumes about the care and dedication of the seller, ensuring a solid foundation for future enhancements.

✔ Two Building Portfolio: Comprising a 14-unit and an 8-unit building, this portfolio offers the convenience of proximity with just a 2-minute drive between the buildings, facilitating seamless management.

✔ Excellent Unit Mix: With a well-balanced mix of units, including various sizes and configurations, these buildings cater to diverse tenant preferences, ensuring stable occupancy and rental income.

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