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The Triton Story

Almost two decades ago, two college students, Matthew Fritzshall and Harrison Cohen began leasing apartments to students while at Illinois State University.

Old Picture of Matthew and Harrison
Old Picture of Harrison's Business Card
Matt's old business card

Two flip phones and their tenacity made up the entire leasing team. In one year, they took occupancy of over 200+ apartments from 30% to 97%.  Little did they know, this experience would catalyze a lifetime friendship and early foundation in  commercial real estate.

Post-college, during the Great Recession, Matt met Edward Liss after starting in the multi-family brokerage division for one of the top national commercial real estate firms in the country.  It was a great time to learn the business and experience a down market cycle as transactions were few and far between. Their hard work and ferocious persistence allowed them to become great friends, close some of their first transactions, and endure a difficult market together until it began to recover.  After receiving some of the best training and realizing the potential benefit of working in a more boutique local firm, Matthew left that office and Edward a couple years later.

Old Ed Headshot for
Old Matt Headshot for Triton

After a few years at a boutique multi-family firm, Fritzshall began jump starting the brokerage division of a local Chicago real estate company.  It quickly grew to over 700 units with Fritzshall transacting on over a dozen of those acquisitions.  Here is where Edward rejoined Matthew, with Matt Buckingham joining the team shortly afterwards. In a short time, the brokerage business did well, and its culture helped design a blueprint for a new firm.  A new company reflecting how they wanted to do business.  Triton Realty Group was born.

Since 2016, the Triton team has grown organically.  Harrison left his professional career as a litigation attorney working at two major law firms in downtown Chicago to further elevate Triton and develop his multifamily brokerage. Accepting summer interns as a reminder of those early years of college apartment leasing has been a constant theme. It has also allowed young, full time talent to come on board.  Slowly the team has grown by hand selected members who were attracted to Triton’s Core Values...


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