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Reflecting & Projecting the Future of Real Estate 🔎

Triton Realty Group LLC's President, Matthew A. Fritzshall, contributed his insight on a prestigious panel at the 2024 Real Estate Focus, organized by EUBA - Edgewater Uptown Builder's Association. Alongside industry titans, Mike Zucker (Peak Properties) and Nicholas Yassan (Rany Management, LLC), Matthew dissected a year of unparalleled challenges and triumphs.

Under the astute moderation of Jim Jann of JAB REAL ESTATE, INC., a fitting echo from the classic 'Groundhog Day' resonated: "Winter, slumbering in the open air, wears on its smiling face a dream 🌨️." Like the awakening from winter's introspective sleep, we're ready to unfurl our aspirations for a prosperous 2024.

We extend our gratitude to EUBA, Jim, Mike, and Nick for their monumental expertise and dialogue that left us galvanized for what's to come.

Join us as we turn the dream on winter's smiling face into reality.

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